Fit & Sizing

One Size Does NOT Fit All

No two people are made alike. So, no two suits should be either! Instead of providing our suits in pre-made sizes and configurations for you to then tailor to fit your body, we make each suit individually, built to your specifications and constructed around your style and preferences. Each suit we build is truly unique, just like you.


We go through great lengths to make sure we produce the best-fitting suit for you as possible. This includes our 18-point measurement system, online consultations, and more. This level of care and detail can only be achieved through our careful and personal made-to-measure process.

Have A Suit That Already Fits You Well? We Can Use That

A big challenge for us is to translate your body measurements into appropriate suit measurements. For example, some people prefer more room in their sleeve cuffs, while others don't. We try and eliminate these challenges through our personal consultations.
But, we can do better. If you already have a suit that fits you well, we can use that. Simply contact us and we can use measurements from that suit to construct a similar fitting suit.

Constructed Specifically For Your Body Type

Do you have a long torso? Short torso? Wide shoulders? Narrow shoulders? These factors, and many more, change the way a suit sits on your body. As such, we incorporate these types of factors into the suit-making process to make appropriate construction decisions based on your frame. This, alone, contributes greatly to providing an appropriate and comfortable fit for your garments.

Great Fitting Pants

A good-fitting pair of pants is hard to come by. We take many factors into account when preparing your pants. With a simple consultation, you can tell us your personal preferences regarding adjustments to the break of your pants. We utilize reinforced cuffs and crotches, as well as a shirt-stay waistband.