A Personal Touch

Deal With Real People

Purchasing a suit can be a very personal thing for most people. As such, we provide a very personal approach to this process. At any time, you can reach and talk to a real person to help you with any steps along the way. If you have any questions about measurements, questions about our shirts and fabrics, or are even just looking for some style advice, reach out to us and get connected with a real person.

Your Suit, Your Style

Every suit we make, like every person we deal with, is unique. To truly make the best suit for you as possible, we offer free consultations where you can speak with a Noble representative. During these consultations, we try and gather your style, preference, and taste in order to provide the best suit for you as we can.

We Remember You!

Never be a stranger with us. We keep detailed notes on our customers, including notes on their orders, style, and preferences. When possible, we even try and assign an individual customer to a particular Noble representative so that you're never a
stranger when you reach out to us!

Submit A Picture

Have a suit that fits you well? Have an outfit that describes your personal taste? Send it to us! We can use this information to better construct a suit specifically for you and your style!